Taking Time to Grow

Taking Time to Grow by Mary Mapes Dodge ‘Mamma! mamma!’ two eaglets cried, ‘To let us fly you’ve never tried. We want to go outside and play; We’ll promise not to go away.’ The mother wisely shook her head: ‘No, no, my dears. Not yet,’ she said. ‘But mother, dear,’ they called again, ‘We want …

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Progress, Obstacles and a New Approach

Personal trainers and fitness coaches are a special breed of people.  They are "people people," observant, good listeners, effective planners and capable of adjusting the plan on the fly, but most of all a good trainer is good at creating and maintaining motivation in his or her clients.  An excellent trainer is all that and more.  Like good …

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Optimal Living and the “Flow” Experience by Gregg Hake

I encourage you to put more and more of your everyday life in the flow channel. Regretting the past, dreading the future, casting aspersions on the world around you inevitably block the flow in you and through you. Be willing to lose yourself in everything you do today. Enjoy every morsel of it as you would your favorite cookie or fondest memory. Refrain from prequalifying what you have to do as being "good" or "bad" and instead focus on how you can leave the situation or conversation in better shape than you found it.