Another Reason to Forgive

There are many reasons why it is important to make forgiveness a regular part of your life, but one that occurred to me recently may not be so obvious. Forgiveness affords you the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the wonderful qualities of and positive experiences you shared with those who have wronged you.

Without forgiveness, you remain bound up emotionally. When grudges remain, it is virtually impossible not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In families this may mean devaluing the unconditional love which ought to be the currency of blood relationships. In friendships grudges taint every memory, not just the negative ones.

Forgiveness allows you to release the emotional full nelson you hold against others who may have dealt with you unjustly. I say full nelson because grudges tie up both of your hands, figuratively speaking, both the positive and the negative. When you forgive, you release your tight grip, and as a consequence, you distance yourself from the source of your angst, while regaining access to the library of positive memories you shared.

One thought on “Another Reason to Forgive

  1. Your words are right on! They lead me to consider the straight jacket we may put on ourself by not being able to see in perspective and to forgive ourselves for the things we may have done wrong. It is funny to picture how we have wrapped up ourselves with our own full nelson. Yes, it is time to let go internally and externally to know something greater.


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