Understanding and Forgiving

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.” – Dale Carnegie

People criticize, condemn, and complain in order to establish their relative value in the world. Doing so, however, reveals that they haven’t a clue about their absolute value.

In reality, each and every person on earth is a valuable member of the body of humanity. Each one is born with a purpose, and criticism, condemnation, and complaint are little more than impediments to the revelation of that purpose.

Understanding and forgiveness, however, on the other hand, clear the way for the expression of the trove of value present in each one.

One thought on “Understanding and Forgiving

  1. Understanding and forgiveness does foster a largeness that allows the breathing space for perspective to be known. With perspective the glimmers of reality can peak through even in the more intense times. There is an absolute innate value to all of us that so often is lost or disconnected by the three c attitudes you mention. It is time for the words God, the divine, inherent value to have meaning in our hearts rather than an empty concept. It does take the character of honor and responsibility to that which is true in ourselves rather than defaulting to the identifying with the foibles we may have and the excuse that we can’t help ourself. Let’s honor what we know to be our highest and consequently know our integrated value and our collective joy.


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