I heard the statement somewhere that “‘Fine’ is the calling card of conformity.” It stood out to me because I believe in living life zestfully.

No one was born to muddle through a life of mediocrity. No one was born to be average, that is, to conform to a state that has all the greatness, adventure, and joy carved out of it.

Leaving aside the obvious attempt to attract guests to a pity party, if you answer “fine” to a question, you’re likely struggling with the fact that you feel disconnected from your inner passion, that part of you knows that you were born to be a great person or to do great things. 

“Fine” says you’ve fallen off the horse and you see the game moving on without you. But where “fine” is a genuine call for help, and is backed by a willingness to be open to the help of another or by a desire to be vulnerable to the call of greatness, it is likely that you will soon find the means to put your foot back in the stirrup and your rear end back in the saddle.

The next time you say “fine,” think about what you’re asking for. Is it the “fine” that says “woe is me” and that contents itself with attention but not a change of heart, or is it the “fine” which marks the reemergence of the uniquely wonderful and special you? 

One thought on “Fine

  1. Out of your words I notice a deeper interest to consider the word,”fine.” It has drawn me to look up the word and to notice a variety of meanings. The origin of the word is given as “to finish.” How we do finish questions posed to us does give evidence whether we are in the moment present in our fullness or whether we are partly present being diffused in past or future concerns. Greatness is a matter of presence!


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