Discretion and Glory

“The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression.” – proverbs 19:11

In life, you will be wronged, you will be hurt, stepped on, overlooked, lied to, and disrespected. It does not matter how cleanly you act, offenses will come your way. Realizing this, you must make a choice when your loving kindness is met with ingratitude.

That choice is made from three options: the low road, the middle road, and the high road. The low road is paved by shortcuts, deception, self-centeredness, and the preference of expediency over integrity. The middle road is laid down by the doctrine of quid pro quo and is based in reaction. The high road, however, is a radiant, selfless approach.

Taking the high road requires discretion and courage. It requires a willingness to subjugate one’s own automatic reactions of anger or resentment to a concern for service.

You cannot help others by taking the low road, neither can you uplift the world around you by simply giving it what it gives you. Remember, even if you act flawlessly, there will be those who will revile and discredit you. You must find it in yourself to rise above it, and give of the magnanimity of your soul, rather than just a piece of your mind.

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