If you have had occasion to watch children at play, it was probably evident that to the mind of a child, every experience is a form of exploration. The nature of the experience matters little. They might be at school or at play, building a sandcastle or riding bicycles in the neighborhood, quietly playing alone or laughing and screaming in a group. Children are always exploring. 

It’s wonderful to see this approach being taken by adults as well, adults who do not submit to the idea that they’ve seen it all. To such adults, even familiar circumstances are worthy of deeper examination. 

It is said that there is nothing new under the sun, but to my mind newness can be found – if you are willing to explore a little – in all things. 

One thought on “Exploration

  1. I find as I increasing give thanks for the moments I have at hand it opens the way to discoveries into a greater state of realization, tranquility and joy.


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