Love’s Dominion

Man ought never to withdraw his love; he is designed for one purpose: to establish love’s dominion in the earth. 

Love should not be withheld in order to punish another, neither should it ever be withdrawn out of spite. Withdrawing love leaves only a void in which all manner of ill spirits thrive. 

Love’s nature is purifying and its presence is clarifying. Let love have dominion in you and love’s influence shall be felt in all you undertake. 

One thought on “Love’s Dominion

  1. May we have such a single focus. I love the simplicity of that. There are many noisy distractions that seem to call for our attention drawing us away from the simplicity of establishing love’s dominion in the earth. Good to be attracted to letting it be done in our living and knowing the union of letting it be done. Nothing else really matters.


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