True Soldier

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” — G.K. Chesterton

Everything you do is backed by a motivation which is in turn underpinned by an inner orientation. That orientation is either rooted in the spirit of love or in the absence of that spirit, the spirit of hatred.

When your inner orientation is to the spirit of love, you could be said to worship love. When you worship love, your motivations are grounded in love and your actions are therefore backed by love.

When your inner orientation is in the absence of the spirit of love, you are invariably afraid of the dark. You fear the unknown and you fear love’s shadow, truth. Your motivations are the product of a mixture of fear and greed and you serve not as a true soldier of love, but as a henchman of hate.

One thought on “True Soldier

  1. Again I find it amazing to be considering a similar line of thought even before reading your post. During the course of our day or night it is good to observe the experience we are having. When we recognize we are feeling small, anxious, discouraged and are acting out of that with really nothing amounting to anything it is good to give great thanks to recognize that and realize a shift in orientation needs to happen within ourselves. When we recognize that we have been putting ourself first rather than the spirit of love and make the change—for all of our being and actions to give glory to the spirit of love then something shifts. It shifts our experience into one of largeness, capability and enjoyment! Even my psalm verse for the day lends to our consideration:
    “For thy lovingkindness is before my eyes…”


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