The power of your words is something you should never underestimate. Your words – be they well-considered or hastily launched – have the power to create, destroy, uplift, cast down, inspire, dishearten, sanctify, or corrupt.  

Your words, of course, do not automatically change the world, but the way in which they are received does. Words are catalytic; they are symbolic projectiles that can deliver a payload of emotion, meaning, and intent. What they do on impact, however, is ultimately up the the target.

One thought on “Words

  1. As your words are received in me they make me think more on considering care with my words. They also lead me to consider how I approach and articulate a prayer in my heart to The Lord in this day known as Easter. Independent though of this known day as I articulate a prayer to The Lord with care in my heart I sense the target of the heart of The Lord. As I do I feel well received and enveloped in His love. As I do this I am filled to overflowing along with a sensing to provide the love I know from this place. Again thank you for the consideration as I appreciate how they have landed and sparked further awareness in me.


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