Tough Choices

When faced with equally tough choices, what do you do? Many people choose not to choose, that is, they freeze. But inaction is rarely the wisest approach. 

Some people say that in such instances you should follow your heart. I suppose that’s an approach but the problem is that your heart doesn’t have a mind. And mind is an important capacity not to be overlooked. 

When aligned, mind and heart are a formidable force. When at odds, paralysis or equally as bad, frenzy result. Taking the time to let your heart and mind come into agreement with truth is always a wise course. But when it is time to act, for goodness’ sake, act!

One thought on “Tough Choices

  1. We do have choices to be made. I have appreciated more and more as I am interested to align my heart and mind with what is true I find choices become more obvious and discernible. Yes, at times it may take some time for this to occur And yes once discerned it is fulfilling to act in step.


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