The dynamic social order in which we live today is formed largely on the basis of adversariality. Political and economic life is cast and recast daily based on shifting adversarial relationships and institutionalized competition keeps the whole thing running at a feverish pace. Political parties fight one another, businesses strive to best one another, and the whole notion of progress seems to be wrapped up in the idea of adversariality. 

Adversariality is now the norm, but is it necessarily the best way to live? The times in my life where I’ve found myself in adversarial relationships are those which, looking back, were both the least enjoyable and the least fulfilling. Can something be miserable personally, but the right thing when put in the hands of the collective?

I’m not so sure. 

One thought on “Adversariality

  1. Your words make me consider sports. How something considered fun can be a cause for adversariality and the generation of hatred. It is good to consider how our world can be kept in perspective and to maintain an interest in letting the integrative qualities of life find synergistic expression in our personal lives with others.


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