One thought on “Focus

  1. In meditating upon your words especially, “fidelity affords focus,” I am in awe of seeing how this fits together. There has been a strong emphasis in this world “to come to focus.” No one can really come to conscious focus without realizing what brings focus. Your words “fidelity affords focus,” have been the unemphasized missing piece. Yes without it what comes to focus is a result of unconsciously defaulting to the empty patterns created out of this word basically centered in lack. As a result trying to come focus when in essence being centered in a lack becomes an angst filled trying to make it happen experience. Fidelity and in a deeper sense fealty to our highest sensing of integrity really of love and vowing our heart mind and body to that brings a fullness that allows for a focus that is balanced and enriching for all concerned including ourselves. Thank you for such a key!!!


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