There are times in life when you must stand alone to stand for what is right. Such times test your inner fortitude. They also require you to care more for truth than you do your own opinions, beliefs, fears or desires. You must reject any conclusions drawn by confirmation bias and resist the temptation to either indulge in your own or react to others’ self-righteousness, while resting in the understanding that at length truth will out.

2 thoughts on “Stand

  1. Carol

    The title of your post is the answer. Stand for what’s true and hope that it’s radiant nature will be seen by those whose hearts are open. Everyone has to face some things alone and some of the issues that arise can seem like giants. But they can be met. So many giants have been toppled historically that one might have thought were fixed permanently in place. I think of that sometimes when dealing with something stubborn in myself or meeting an issue that’s landed on my plate and a feeling of fear starts to rise. Larger things have been met and those precedents inspire me to keep moving!


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