Common Ground

One of the hardest things to find when you’ve been hurt by another is common ground with that person. Hurt clouds judgment and mars the lens through which you view the world. If you’re not careful, the occasional injustices you’ve suffered might even dim your view of all of humanity.

If you’ve been hurt, and we all have, then you know you have a choice to make in that moment: you can either dedicate yourself to avenging the injustice or you can forgive, rise up, and move on. You make that moment either a moment of truth or a moment spiraling misery. You can either poke and provoke to secure more evidence in your case against someone or you can take the high road and look instead for the mercy of common ground.

Common ground – and not the expectation of gratitude – reopens the lines of communication whenever an injustice or the perception of injustice has occurred.

2 thoughts on “Common Ground

  1. Carol

    Hurts or injustices surface with everyone from time to time and you’ve outlined an approach that is so perfect! Keep one foot in front of the other on the high road. It allows the thing to clear emotionally and liberates you from the weight of negativity or “wanting to get back at” which are all too common reactions. Forgiveness allows for more interesting possibilities. It makes it easier to find the common ground.


  2. I take note of the phrase, “be thankful for small mercies,” defined as being relieved that an unpleasant situation is allieviated by minor advantages. This makes me further think that these minor advantages in an unpleasant situation are actually major. As the sun shines I would say there are always something that is at hand that can be oriented to that assists with acknowledging common ground. When this is done there is a grounding in substance that really matters and although it may take time that which springs from a void such as injustices are put aside and dissipated.


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