Permission or Forgiveness

Why is it that asking for permission is better than begging for forgiveness? For starters, asking for permission implies that you are contemplating doing or saying something which you are not sure you should or could say or do. You usually ask permission to do things that lie outside of the present borders of your agreements with the world around you.

Asking permission gives you a chance to review the thought or action honestly and openly with someone beyond yourself who may be affected by the decision under consideration. In seeking permission you are asking “is this ok” or “is my thinking clear on this?” And if you are honest, you will first of all take it to the right person and second of all genuinely weigh the answer you are given.

Begging for forgiveness, on the other hand, implies that action was taken unilaterally and that the negative consequence(s), whether they were anticipated or not, came about. If you desire to be the best you can be, to live to the highest standard in living, you will find that the caution and respect inherent in asking for permission is always better than the expediency or ease of acting on impulse and begging for forgiveness.

One thought on “Permission or Forgiveness

  1. Asking “is my thinking clear on this,” with the right person does serve us well. Thank you again for the fostering of a higher standard of living.
    I found it also noteworthy to look up the word permission and one of its synonyms is blessing. I can see as things are considered in a spirit of respect and care for those in one’s world what may start out as a consideration of permission becomes a commission of blessing.


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