The Whole

“Love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole.” – Plato

Love’s desire is wholeness. Love’s action is purifying. Love’s will is union. Truth is the pattern through which love’s will is known. Truth provides the blueprint for the manifestation of love in each and every level of creation. Without truth, love it not known; it is veiled. Truth lifts the veil and truth sets you free so that you are free to live and free to love.

One thought on “The Whole

  1. “Truth lifts the veil,” I take note of. The common prase “beyond the veil,” also comes to mind. When we have challenges we try to figure it out which becomes an endless loop. As we were considering Montaigne’s words yesterday he has another noted quote: “rejoice in the things that are present all else is beyond.” When a problem arises there is a tendency to forget all about the joyful opportunities at hand by getting emotionally involved with that which is beyond. I find it a good lesson to simply enjoy the moments of my living and letting what I don’t know today be left for tomorrow.


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