It occurred to me today that most people are capable of way more than they know. Even when they feel stretched to the limit, most tap into only a small percentage of their capability. Instead of revealing the fulness of themselves, they hide in shells of mediocrity or conversely, insist upon delusions of grandeur and in the process their true potential, their true value, is lost to the world.

You have greatness in you. You needn’t doubt that any longer. You needn’t hold back for fear of failure or success. Neither do you need to inflate yourself with titles, outer position, degrees, or fat bank accounts. Your value is absolute. It is not relative to some level of achievement or any outer thing for that matter.

If that value is to have any meaning, however, it must find expression through your body, mind and heart into the earth of your circumstances. It must be grounded in the earth. How you do that is among the most important decisions you can make in your lifetime.

You have an endless wellspring of balanced creativity within you, but you must greet it with the open arms of a tranquil heart and a keen mind. A troubled heart or a convoluted mind allow this creativity to come through, but it does so on an imbalanced basis. You opportunity in living, if I can put it that way, is to let the original spirit within you be clothed in ingenious and marvelous ways. And I, for one, hope you take life up on the offer!

One thought on “Persist!

  1. As I receive your words with open arms of a receptive heart and alive mind I find I am admidst that wellspring that constantly flows. Here I am cleansed clean allowing for all in my world to be so refreshed. Oh to know this place as I live my life. No more need to persist rather just to rejoice as I am in all the occurences of my life. Having just passed through a very pain challenging experience with kidney stones I recognize that it is not easy at times to rejoice. However in reading your words today and in feeling much better I acknowledge that when we have a chance to really give thanks for our life and the circumstances within them there comes a realization that we have chosen to be here to give evidence of that beautiful wellspring of life that constantly flows and that we all are to be one with. As each of us knows it we extend a lifeline to all to so wonderfully join in.


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