Vulnerability and Personal Security

A friend of mine made an interesting statement to me yesterday about personal security. He observed in his work that people are reluctant to embrace vulnerability because there is not a clear spirit of trust. Most people have had their trust violated by others and as a result, they try to hide their vulnerabilities instead of opening themselves more fully to others.  He said, “There can be no security without vulnerability…”

Personal security does not come about when you wall yourself off from others or the world. You may feel a surface relief from the big, bad unknowns in the world at large when you hide your weaknesses and vulnerabilities from others, but you will always on this basis be afraid that something might get through.

Why can there be no security without vulnerability? For starters, no man is complete in and of himself. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we need one another to balance those out. You must make yourself vulnerable to others, that is, reveal your weaknesses to them so that their strengths might fortify you. They probably see your weaknesses anyway, so if you’re trying to hide them, you’re really probably only fooling yourself.



One thought on “Vulnerability and Personal Security

  1. Your words are freeing and deeply relaxing. You mean I didn’t need to stress myself out for so long!!! Better sooner than later to come to this realization and if later it is something to rejoice about. Thank you for playing your part. May we all do the same.


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