Propensities and Principles

By what means do you reconcile your propensities and your principles? It is easy to see the gaps between these two in others, but how do you address the incongruities in your own pattern? Are you swift to reconcile them or do you avoid such internal discussions like the plague? Do you seek the counsel of those who will hold you to a higher standard or do you turn to those who will reassure you that harboring such disagreements is, meh, acceptable and unavoidable?

The means by which you reconcile your propensities and your principles are the central drivers in the development of your character.

One thought on “Propensities and Principles

  1. I find this consideration eye opening. I can recognize how propensities are very often put first. As this is done principle is skewed to satisfy our inclinations. Interesting to find the root word of propensity relates to “hang down.” And principle root relates to first. I can see in my own experience that propensities put first really hang one down. Your words today again ring a bell to put first things first for real sense to be made in our living experience where there is actually a reconciling of inherent foundational principle and outer tendencies.


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