Plura sunt quæ nos terrent, quam quæ premunt; et sæpius opinione quam re laboramus — “There are more things to alarm than to harm us, and we suffer much oftener in apprehension than reality.” – Horace

Leadership requires a steadiness in the face of alarm, the ability to reassure in times of uncertainty and the courage to continue to apply wisdom when others retreat fearfully to knowledge and opinions.

One thought on “Leadership

  1. Just saw the movie “Unbroken,” which contained some poignant points of moving through a very trying circumstance. Each of us does have a responsibility of leadership in our own relative seemingly alarming situations. I appreciate you connecting the element of leadership with how we handle our individual challenging life occurences. Having it in mind to handle them in the grace of wisdom is life affirming and acknowledges the individual value we can offer through them. It is interesting to consider that we may think we are handling a challenge all by ourself but to realize we are actually handling it for the whole of all of us is also invigorating.


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