Holding the Line Part II

After thinking a bit more about my post yesterday, I realized that I did not mention an important aspect that can be easy to overlook or dismiss. In the course of holding the line for others you’ll often find things in yourself that also require clarification.

The person at the other end of the line might point these things out to you in an effort to shift the spotlight off of themselves: “You can’t correct me…look at this, this, and this problem you have!” These things are not typically delivered with much care or concern for your feelings, in fact more often than not they are delivered in a way that is designed to set you back on your heels. When people give you these gifts, take the high road: don’t react, thank them in your heart for pointing out the ways you can improve yourself, and continue holding the line for them.

And for goodness sake, don’t stop there! Actually make the changes you need to make. Holding the line can often kill two birds with one stone, if you let it! You’re expecting others to change and holding the space for them to make the changes they need to make, so why not lead by example!?!

One thought on “Holding the Line Part II

  1. Your post makes me think of another post expanding on the quality of leadership. Your words do point to the fact that there is an extreme need for individuals to accept the responsibility of living leadership. Leading by example is pivotal.


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