Integrity with Truth

In all of life, what matters most is neither the mark you’ve made on world culture nor the assets you’ve accumulated by industry or ingenuity. Instead, that which truly counts in the living of life is your devotion to the spirit of love and your integrity with truth.

Integrity with truth is more than just simple honesty. Honesty is necessary, but not sufficient to knowing truth. Truth is the pattern through which love manifests. As such, truth is the body of love.

To know the truth you must be free of common misconceptions. For starters, there is no “ugly” truth. Facts may be ugly but truth is always beautiful. Secondly, there is no “sad” truth, in fact to the degree that truth is recognized and received, truth always brings with it the sense of peace, assurance and fulfillment. Thirdly, the design of truth never creates a sense of restriction. Truth – recognized and acknowledged – liberates. Always.

Here are a few more qualities I’ve discovered to be true of the truth:

  • Truth is eternal. Death and taxes are not truth, just ugly facts.
  • Truth is changeless. Its principles are not bound by time or space.
  • Truth makes no exceptions. Most scientific “constants” known to man are neither constant nor truth.

The chief aim of life is to be true to the spirit of love, but love cannot be known without truth. Most true love is lost on human beings because of an unwillingness to acknowledge and honor truth. The world is a much colder place (despite global warming) than it needs to be, but we can fix that! We can bring the warmth of love to the world, but it cannot manifest without integrity with truth.

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