All In

There is no point in dabbling in love or in life. Either you’re all in or your not.

When you are all in, all of you is moving in the same direction. When you’re not, the niggling doubts and lingering suspicions about yourself or others will spread you thin, blunt your charge, and ultimately keep you from moving forward.

Holdouts are blockages in the flow, boulders in the river of life. They cause unnecessary turbulence.  When , however, your body, mind, and heart are in one accord and in one place, you move forth with the full force of your being.

Being all in might seem to put you in a more vulnerable, optionless position, but does it? “I need my back doors” you might say, “my emergency exits!” But do you? Life always provides options so why carve them about based on limited understanding of the future?

Either you’re all in or your not. There is no point in dabbling in love or in life.

One thought on “All In

  1. It is interesting to consider the seeming urge to look for the exit gates. The fear of being trapped has led to the experience of panic attacks prevalent among people. Having had that experience personally I see how the urge to keep one’s options open have seemingly been necessary for survival. Your words,”life always provides options,” brings a relaxation in heart. A relaxation that life will always find a way and that it is unnecessary to try to know all of what is going to happen if I really choose to live the life love would have me wholly live. Thank you for your encouraging words.


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