The First Step

Watch the first step: it’s a doozy! I am training a young Harris’s Hawk for falconry at the moment and one of the most significant steps in manning (training) a hawk is getting it to hop from a perch to the glove for food. My new bird, Oya, did that last night!

For the bird, it is a matter of trust. It has to have sufficient courage to overcome the fear of the unknown. I suppose the same is true of us, isn’t it? In the beginning…in any beginning…in every beginning we have to reach that point in ourselves where our desire to act overcomes the inertia of remaining where we are. It is a critical point in anything and everything we undertake.

The wonderful thing is that a victory in any area of your living can be parlayed into any other area of your living. Whether you successfully took that first step on a snowboard or while standing behind podium in front of an audience, no one can take that victory away from you. And once you’ve succeeded – even if it seems to you to be an insignificant matter – you can use the internal momentum (the stuff of assurance!) to help you take the first step over and over again in every area of your living.

The first step may be a doozy, but the rest are typically much easier!

One thought on “The First Step

  1. I notice three phases related to experiencing the first step. First is preparation. Obviously there had to be sufficient preparation you have had to take. This could be likened to preparing ourselves with an area of study we have an interest in. Second is to put ourselves in the scene where action can be taken. Third is to know that sense of assurance experienced parlayed from a previous success gracefully applied to the scene at hand for the “magic” to happen.

    It is good to bring to mind past successes we have had acknowledging them as SIGNIFICANT fodder for continued significant progress in our lives.


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