The Radiance of Being

My youngest son made an interesting observation after seeing the tree pictured in yesterday’s post as we were out driving. He said, “Isn’t that amazing, daddy? Nature doesn’t charge admission.” That thought inspired yesterday’s haiku, but more than that, it got me thinking about the the true nature of the radiance of being.

We, as we know, are human beings. If the term used to describe us is correct, then there is a human part to us, – body, mind and heart – and a being aspect to us. I’m not a grammar expert, but my worldview make me think that the being part of us is the object, and the human part the modifier. What kind of being are we? Human beings.

I would argue that the being part of us (not to be confused with the soul!) is eternal, perfect, and selfless. It is who we really are, our true identity. What we see projected or attracted on the surface – the human part of us – is merely the image and likeness (often imperfect) of the radiant core of being within.

Now here is an interesting thought: the core of being that we are is love. Allow me to explain. Christians will tell you that God is love. But wasn’t it also written that man was created in the image and likeness of God? If that is the case, then we, too, are at some level, love. Given the way man has tended to behave I would argue that the identity in love more likely pertains to the human than the being. I would argue further that the whole point of living is to learn to let the love within us find expression outwardly, not just haphazardly, but through the body of truth.

Anyone who has been in romantic love knows that love’s nature is radiant. Love loves to express itself. The body of love is truth. And the truth is always beautiful. Facts might be ugly on occasion, but truth is always beautiful.

One thought on “The Radiance of Being

  1. Something is dawning in my awareness relative to equating our outer soul of body mind and heart as the body of truth designed as the means for the expression of love. I take note of your words love loves to express itself. Our soul is the means or the body of truth for love to express itself through. I know this may seem like just words but there is really something to be seen here as to acknowledging the grand beautiful truth of our individual soul for the expression of the supremeness of love. It puts more in perspective the human aspect of ourself.


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