Force of Habit

We are, as they say “creatures” of habit, and we have a remarkable ability to develop and maintain patterns of behavior and function in way that allow us to get a lot done without much conscious thought. Because of this, much of what we do in a day ends up being more a matter of habit than it is of original, outward, radiant action.

There are many upsides to this manner of living, but there are also important downsides to consider. One of the most important unintended effects of living in this way is seen when rituals, sacred or otherwise, turn to rote. The original spirit of an activity, its beating heart – be it in prayer, writing a love letter, cooking a meal for one’s family, or even the simple act of saying good morning to one’s fellows – can easily be removed and replaced with a mechanical heart if you are not careful. There will always be a faster, easier way, in this busy world we live in, but expediency instead of integrity (to the original pattern of spirit) always brings failure.

When you do the things you do today think about the spirit with which you are infusing them. If you think about it, today you can simply play the tape of your reactions to the world around you and automatically respond to “A” with “B” so that you can move on to “C”, or you can give it a bit more thought and fill your actions with the deliberate, focused expression of a chosen spirit.

Give it a try and let me know what happens. I’d love to hear your experiences with it!

2 thoughts on “Force of Habit

  1. Carol

    The other morning I was rushing to leave for work and saw the husband of a co-worker who moved to my neighborhood last weekend. I barely gave him a nod as he was walking to his car. As I drove off, I thought, gee, I could have at least said ”Good Morning.” It would have taken 2 seconds and conveyed more than a curt nod. How many opportunities slip by to infuse the days with something radiant and meaningful? Time passes so quickly. I made a point to be consciously aware of the spirit behind whatever it was I found myself doing today – taking a walk, shopping for groceries, making a meal or talking to a neighbor. It makes such a difference in the what is experienced. Love this post. Thank you Gregg!


  2. Took a day to consider your suggetion. There is much to realize regarding deliberately infusing one’s daily activities with LIFE. As I thought of your suggestion in my more conscious moments I realized how much of living is relegated to rote. Pondering and applying your suggestion did open an awareness of greater power and potency in specific areas. I recognize any progress in this way of conscious living does make a difference potentially in all areas of living.


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