The Serving Heart

Every instance of good service ever given came about because of the serving heart of someone who was genuinely interested in promoting the well-being of one of his or her fellows.

The serving heart is not concerned with self-service or self-aggrandizement. Moreover, the serving heart realizes that fulfillment comes only as others are assisted in the discovery and realization of their fulfillment.

Isn’t this how true love works? If you are deeply in love with another person, you are more concerned with their fulfillment than you are with your own. You think about their needs constantly and seek to provide for them in any way possible. You don’t do it because you are told to do it or because you feel you will get something from it if you do; rather, you do it because you are compelled from deep within to give of yourself without any concern for pay or reward.

The serving heart is available to each and every person on earth. You need not be in love to be of service, but you must be willing to submit yourself to love’s command, that is, to the will of love.

What qualities are often attributed to love? Radiance, warmth, generosity, forgiveness, compassion are but a few, and the will of love is the golden thread which weaves through all of these qualities of character and expression. It is easy to see, then, why letting love command your expression leads to a life of fulfilling and meaningful service.

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