Let Love

The wonderful thing about the spirit of love – true love – is that it flows, but never flows away. Love, like perfection, is a fluid thing; it is not static. It cannot be plucked from eternity, even when it sprouts into the light of the present moment. Love, like hope, springs eternal. If we hear love and then let ourselves be drawn to it and even into it, we are uplifted by it, blessed by it.

Let your heart and mind meditate upon the spirit of love this morning. Set your fears, doubts, worries, and concerns aside for the moment and make room for the spirit of love in and around you. Let love push back the darkness, bolster the weakness, and comfort the hurt in you.

Let love do this, and you will have a very different day than you would have were you to spend it in the shadows of the absences in or around you at the moment.

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