Judgment-Free Zone

Two of my favorite times of day are dawn and dusk. They are special, typically quiet times where the light is just bright enough to see but just dark enough that you have to strain a bit to catch the detail you would normally see in the light.

This time reminds me of how we have to look at one another on occasion. Everyone has good days when the stars seem to align and the not-so-good days where it seems no matter what you do it doesn’t seem to quite work out, so there is a need for graciousness, a largeness of spirit towards those around us. So doing provides a sort of buffer, a “judgement-free zone” wherein they are given as much space as possible to make the right choices in their lives.

You might have to look pretty hard to find it in yourself to make that space for others, but it is well worth it. Now by this I do not mean that you should lower the bar or expect less than what you know another is capable of providing. In fact, a true friend keeps the bar high relative to those around him or her. This is not done arrogantly, pedantically, or spitefully, but compassionately and sanguinely.

While some might say that you have to strain hard to find the good in another, I would say that the more important thing is to strain hard at your own heart and mind to make sure that you are not binding another with judgmental attitudes. You’ll know when you are free of judgment…it brings the same peace of mind and tranquility of heart which tends to form in a quiet dawn or a crisp autumn dusk.

3 thoughts on “Judgment-Free Zone

  1. Joy

    Loved this post Gregg. I missed reading your blog yesterday and in retrospect can see how if I had carried the essences contained therein into my day, it would have turned out very differently. How good it is to examine ones heart.


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