Effective Listening

Just as peace is more than just the absence of war, effective listening is more than simply eschewing the bad habit of interrupting others or anxiously awaiting an opportunity to make your point.

Effective listening involves being at rest while another speaks – until they have completed their thought – and allowing the spirit which infuses their words to be acknowledged. It is an active process of abiding which respectfully allows the truth in another to be recognized.

2 thoughts on “Effective Listening

  1. Each day I am moved to marvel at the truth of your words and those of others in your blog. My heart is compelled to give acknowledgement for them. I take note of your words of being at rest when listening to others. We have many opportunities to really listen and share the real point of living. Thank you for your continuing expression of what matters.


  2. Lady Leo

    It certainly changes a conversation when you feel you’ve been heard. I believe it changes for the listener because there is a level of compassion that only seems to be available when the heart is engaged in the listening.


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