Genuine Thankfulness

My eldest son earned a new fishing rod this weekend after fishing with a starter set for a number of months. His dedication to and interest in the sport made it obvious that the next level of rod and reel would do more than just add to the coffers of the local sporting goods store and the timing just seemed right.

When he first took the gift in his hands his face lit up with a genuine thankfulness for what he had received. It occurred to me in that moment, as it has many times before, that true appreciation is one of the most heartwarming arrows in the quiver of human emotion. He met love with love and recognition with gratitude.

Isn’t that how life should be? When you receive something at the hand or by the word of another today, look to express your sincere thanks for their consideration. Don’t take anything for granted. Appreciate and acknowledge all of it. Even if that wonderful thing is buried under fifty or a hundred things you don’t like about another person or disapprove of for one reason or another, meet it with thankfulness and don’t expect or require anything in return.

The world is in great need of purification and of being uplifted and you are just the person to do it, so get to work!

3 thoughts on “Genuine Thankfulness

  1. Thank you for your words today and for all you have given through your posts. Your work is a great example of providing upliftment and purification. I take note of your encouragement to give genuine thanks for what is given in the moment. It also makes me think on what is being given and has been given to me in the past that is and was overlooked as a real gift. Sometimes the real gift may not be in a familiar tangible form. Something that transcends any form more relating to a love that has been given seemingly invisible but very much present. Maybe we also can consider deeply appreciating and giving thanks for the love that is given to us from another.


  2. Jimmy

    Being Thankful for each and every moment we have on this earth is critical. Those moments may not always be what we thought we were to have but each and every one build the character we need to do what is ours to do each and every day.

    It reminds me of the importance of forgiveness and repentance. We know that these two must occur in us daily in order for true thankfulness to be felt in our hearts for each person we meet and interact with.


  3. Lady Leo

    As I was writing this comment I must have somehow hit on a past post option, “you may also like”. It was from July 31, 2012 called Reshaping Life. I encouge the rereading of it. Its a perfect follow up to what can happen as we are genuinely thankful. It does shape our lives and is one of the keys to living a life that is not only fulfilling but that we are proud to take responsibility for. I enjoyed your story, nice post!


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