2 thoughts on “Audacious Dreams

  1. One of the references to audacious states: extremely inventive without restraint to prior ideas. Makes me realize we are here as individuals set to originally create that which has not been created before in moving the whole of humanity into a greater level of newness. Audaciousness is the compulsion of our intrepid and indomitable Soul.


  2. Coco

    Nice Haiku!
    When ever I feel I’d like answers to my life questions or perhaps a why question, I always have to chuckle, it reminds me of what George Carlin used to say in one of his standup routines, “The reason I talk to myself is that I’m the only one whose answers I accept”
    I think it’s not so much we have to search for an answer, as it is we have to live on the level where the answer exists. I don’t think our Creator wants to keep us wondering, he wants to keep us refining.


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