Righteousness, a poem by Gregg Hake

Righteousness, thou bittersweet remedy
To all ills which men bring upon themselves.
Blaming the gods for that which they create−
Blasphemous scoundrels covering their tracks!
Who now shall rise and take up the banner
From those who led the charge and are now gone?

The enemy is shameless vanity
Cloaked in hurt, feigning righteous piety.
Sure of rectitude, lying with devils−
Cowardly wolves costumed in sheep’s clothing!
Who shall steal away from the deceiver
To bury vain regrets of times gone by?

6 thoughts on “Righteousness

  1. Joy

    How blessed we are in these days to be in position to receive the instruction of those who went before, and not allow their labors to be in vain. We have been given so much instruction in what it is to live a righteous life. Thank you Gregg for your beautiful poem, and for your tireless persistence in calling those who will listen to righteousness.


  2. Zach

    Righteousness, while not always comfortable, does have a tendency to wipe away all of the obfuscating excuses which confound most people’s lives. Those that live with uncompromising righteousness never need to fear that they will die feeling regret for a life of opportunity wasted.


  3. Lady Leo

    I appreciate your passionate poem. When choosing to live righteously there is the forgoing of the usual crutches and dupes so accepted and familiar in this world. The result of righteous living is often still a mystery as it’s been so seldom that it has been given the chance to manifest its results.


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