Life on Purpose

As I mentioned yesterday, cynicism is nothing more than the absence of radiance in individual expression. By radiance I do not mean the false and groundless optimism that some people manufacture by mental gymnastics or through intention and therefore “have.” The radiance of which I speak is the outward evidence of the presence of the unique, majestic and ever-present, bright and influential focus of life that you “are.”

If your life is not on purpose, the life that you are is distorted as it moves through your heart and mind on its way out into your thoughts, words and actions. Whenever it is distorted or muted you will feel awkward, disjointed and unfulfilled, no matter how many of your goals in life you’ve achieved or how many material possessions you’ve accumulated in the process.

The key to lifelong happiness and to avoiding cynicism at any age is to keep your life on purpose. Stay on purpose and your light will shine increasingly bright as you age, reaching maximum intensity in the last hours, minutes and seconds of your time on earth.

9 thoughts on “Life on Purpose

  1. Purpose as defined in Random House states, “the reason for which something exists.” As you stated the reason for which we exist is for the outward evidence of the presence of the unique, majestic and ever-present, bright and influential focus of life that you “are.”
    It is good to put this all together that we may burn brighter and brighter. Something that I would add is that if we are really on purpose and shining our light it will not be an isolated thing. It will be integrated with those around allowing for a shared integrated life expression to be known. Here is something of fusion that occurs causing a synergistic radiant expression greater than the sum total to occur.


  2. strawberryfield

    I appreciate the distinction between being on purpose and “manufacturing” one. A life well lived is when you are living the one that is a manifestation of your purpose. Anything else will be like a shirt that doesn’t fit; the fabric might even be expensive but it’s disproportionate for you. Not a subject you read much about but it is crucial to each life, thank you.


    1. Gregg Hake

      The individual purpose is a bespoke garment that fits only one perfectly and organically. Wear another’s purpose and you end up looking like the 15 year old in his father’s old suit: awkward and uncomfortable.


  3. Rebecca Ledet

    Good point. The absence of cynicism isn’t just blind optimism. If I did not have purpose in my life, it would be a dark day indeed as there would be nothing to keep my heart and mind strong and centered in what I loved.


  4. Colin

    I really like how you used the phrase “on purpose” here. It means for a purpose, which I think we have already discussed, but it also carries a certain deliberateness that I think you need to live radiantly as well. Radiance is not timid, but neither is it necessarily aggressive, and I think on purpose is a great way to describe the in-between. You have a purpose, and your life force should be accurately put to work to fulfill that purpose.


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