Infinite Possibility

Man must realize that he was not placed in the world, as a finality, something fixed, limited, restricted and unchangeable. He was entrusted with himself as infinite possibility, as mere raw material to fashion as he will for better or for worse as he may determine. It is part of his glorious gift of freedom, his responsibility of trusteeship. For what a man has he is dependent on others, but what he is depends on him alone. We may counsel another, help him, inspire him to live his life, but we cannot live that life for him. That is his individual problem, in accord with his vision and his ideals; the battle is his and the final victory or defeat, with its responsibility to himself and to other is his.” ~ William George Jordan

I love the opportunity to work in a corporate environment as it provides an endless array of opportunities to discover how to live life. There are routines that bring comfort, surprises that compel personal growth, relationships requiring constant maintenance and more, all within the walls of the office.

Every day is an opportunity to fashion yourself for the better. Your personal habits, the way you carry yourself, the manner in which you handle the daily challenges that come your way can be up for review every moment of every day. Why limit yourself to a life of stagnation, where nothing’s ventured and nothing changes?

Dare to live a little today. The possibilities are endless!

7 thoughts on “Infinite Possibility

  1. Joshua

    Alone, nothing is possible.
    Backed by something Higher, Anything is possible.
    In agreement with others that are also backed……look out!
    Thanks for raising the bar so steadily!


  2. Infinite possibility in the midst of where we find ourself is not something we have to try to think up. As you acknowledge each moment we have gives us the opportunity to let the infinite expression of life find its specific way through us. In Chiropractic terms our inherent unique integrated innate life expression is our responsibility alone to express. As we acknowledge the need for ownership as S.B. said in this way we do have the winds of life at our back looking come through us in greater, varied and brighter expression.


  3. S.B.

    The corporate environment might not be the first place one would tend to look for their opportunities to really live. But why not? What better opportunity is there than in the place we probably spend the majority of our time? Why should any time of our lives be exempt from real living? No need to force a semblance of the experience of living in our “down” time. That’s not really taking ownership for the “glorious gift of freedom” inherent in life’s expression. The attitude you convey is so practical and a way to make the most of every aspect of life. Own it!


  4. Colin

    Like doesn’t have to be a series of huge changes constantly. It is perfectly alright to set a substantial goal in life, and then make continuous small changes while you make your way there. In fact, I would say the people that know how to make the small corrections in relationship to their goal are usually more successful then the ones that always have to have some sort of huge life changing moment. Those moments will come, and they are amazing, but you should also be making improvements every day, otherwise you are wasting opportunities.


  5. Strawberryfield

    Realizing that you do have a resposnsibilty to continue to make something of yourself and your surroundings is a marvelous thing. To me continuous learning and increased understanding never gets old and is one of the joys of living. Thanks for adding to that!


  6. Flow

    Love this: ” We may counsel another, help him, inspire him to live his life, but we cannot live that life for him.” If this principle was at the center of relationships, our whole world could change.

    “Let love radiate without concern for results.” this provides the space for individuals to think and live from the inside out!


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