Good and Evil

You needn’t hate evil to love good.

The failure to understand this point is the crack in the foundation of most of the world’s great religions. Hatred is a powerful form of worship. It consumes those who possess it in their hearts and left unchecked it leads to obsession. I’ve often observed supposedly good people spending more time and effort wrestling with and denouncing the devil(s) they hate than they do appreciating and magnifying the spirit of the god(s) they love.

Although most would be loathe to admit it, hatred binds you to that which you hate. Think about anything you’ve hated lately. The more you hate it, the more you think about it. The more you think about it, the bigger it becomes in your consciousness.

When you love and hate, you effectively serve two masters. Your worship is divided, your attention is split and your efforts are consequently scattered. This is the primary reason why so many experience life as a roller coaster rather than an escalator.

If you wish to lead a more productive life, you would be wise to choose one or the other – love or hate – and hold to it.

11 thoughts on “Good and Evil

  1. Colin

    It is sad how some people obsess over the evil that is in the world to the point that they occlude most of the good that could come through them. I wonder why people think that this approach will work, after many millenia of it obviously not being effective. There are so many stereotypes of what happens when someone lusts after the eradication of evil that it would take too long for me to list them, but to many people it still seems like an appropriate approach. What we need is more people that love the good and let the evil self-destruct. Both good and evil take the broad spectrum approach to those that they affect. They both affect the recipient, and the giver as well. I would rather be a giver of good.


  2. Brad

    found this quote today and thought of your blog –
    “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    thanks for the continued inspiration


  3. David R

    Such an excellent distinction, and so often missed. Love and hate are not, as so many imagine, “two sides of one coin.” Hate is not necessary to love; in fact it is as sure to destroy as love is to build.


  4. Joshua

    Thanks for the refreshing perspective!
    The converse would then be true; if hatred binds down, Love would then loosen up that which has been bound.
    Eagerly looking forward to loosening those things that have wrongly held real estate in consciousness, seeing it this way is already freeing!!!
    I Love the Truth!


  5. Kelli Lorentzen

    Great point about being on the roller coaster of serving two masters. It definitely gives me pause to evaluate where my energies are being put. I see the obvious choice to make, but is that the one I am making consistently? It will be interesting to find out!


  6. Hate or love. The choice seems obvious enough. How many times during the day though do we succumb to the factors of hate disquised in a variety of forms. Giving attention to the things that we dislike rather than like may be something to observe in our living. Thanks for targeting something so fundamental that as we are interested in living a life of an escalater nature we can become more conscious of how hate has been playing a part in our lives choosing to allow that which is the nature of love to cause our experience. Here as Ricardo was mentioning relates to the cause of health and an enjoyable life.


  7. Strawberryfield

    The battle between good and evil has been called the good fight, this may be true but I’ve come to realize it’s not our fight. I dare say the one whose fight it is probably doesn’t see it as a fight. Great post, thank you.


  8. MMc

    My observation is at some point the worship of which ever one is given the most energy pretty much takes over. It seems one becomes a lover or hater. The familiar caricatures of the sweet, kind, wise senior or the bitter, grouchy, jaded one may be the result of which they devoted the majority of their heart space to. As you’ve said in previous posts what happens to you isn’t always our choice but how we handle it is. When I find myself wrestling with this one I call on forgiveness and thankfulness, they are the antidote to the poisonous slow death of hate. Thanks for your words today.


  9. Ricardo B.

    This is yet another powerful facet of our consciousness – those things that we choose to focus on are magnified for better or for worse. So if you focus on what you have and are resourceful, you will find you have enough to fill your needs as they are today. You focus on what you don’t have, then you will certainly be convinced of your lack and end up paralyzed to move ahead. Same principle.

    I was reviewing a presentation with a few of my colleagues yesterday that we’ve been putting together. It’s basically an introduction to the wholistic principles of healing, and an aspect of the presentation highlights the tendency in medicine to fight disease. For example – destroy harmful bacteria when first signs of infection apppear. Seems the right thing to do at first, but life forms adapt and as a result ‘superbugs’ have been created by overuse of antibiotics. We teach it’s always best to support the body to make the body inhospitable to various threats – this requires a much different focus. Focus on the cause of health and you need not fight disease.


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