Heart and Mind

One of life’s greatest lessons is one that relatively few people ever learn. It is quite a simple lesson, actually, but its implications are profound and somewhat difficult to put into words. The lesson is this: your mind and heart must come into alignment for you to be truly effective in life.

You’ve probably heard that statement before, or one of its variants, but what exactly does it mean?

Your heart and mind are the womb of your creative capacity. The seeds of your life expression gestate in this womb. When your heart and mind are working together, the integrity of the womb is assured. When they are at odds, you put the integrity of the womb at risk.

How do you get to a state where heart and mind are unified in function? For starters, they must be unified in purpose. You must have an overarching purpose in your life if there is any hope for a lasting cooperation between your heart and mind. It is best to articulate your purpose in a clear and concise manner, so as to avoid any confusion when the going gets rough (as it does on occasion).

Second, you must consecrate yourself to that purpose. If you can be convinced to violate that purpose, you will be. If, however, you hold it sacred come hell or high water, then you are well on your way to living an uncommonly generative life. One of the side effects of dedicating yourself to a purpose is that it forces you to come to terms with those elements in your life that may be detracting you from its achievement.

In life you will invariably have both supporters and detractors. There will be those who stand behind you if not with you come thick or thin, as well as those who seek to convince you of the impossibility of your goal. Pay special attention to the former group and remember that you needn’t listen to all that you hear when it comes to those who compose the latter.

Third, you must remember that your feelings are not your compass. They are useful to the degree that they allow you to form an impression of the world around you, but they must be tempered by a mind conscious of right. Such a mind focuses the lens of rational thought on anything that comes into view and resists the temptation to rationalize the irrational feelings that occasionally rise up from the heart.

Remember this and you will save yourself a mountain of trouble: you are not your feelings. Neither are you the child of your thoughts. Your feelings and your thoughts are useful vehicles to the degree that they clothe your soul’s finest wishes as you set about the accomplishment of your life purpose.

If you keep these three points in mind as you set about your day you will find that your heart and mind naturally gravitate over time back into alignment. You needn’t wait for a near-death experience or a life-threatening illness to come to terms with your life purpose. The seeds of the “aha” moment are present with you always.

The question is: are you willing to tend to them, to allow the magic of life to transform you from the inside-out? When heart and mind are aligned and working together, nothing can stop you!

13 thoughts on “Heart and Mind

  1. Kameron

    I almost can’t imagine how my world can change for the better if I apply these points, but I am willing to trust the process and stick to my guns. Great outline for accomplishment!


    1. Gregg Hake

      That’s the fun (and occasionally challenging) part. You have to be willing to let the world around you sort itself out in response/reaction to the new and likely amplified radiance moving through you.


  2. Vincent

    With most people is is more or less a foregone conclusion that feelings will dominate, with the mind playing the role of subservient enabler. In other cases, someone with a particularly disciplined mind may at least temporarily impose his or her will in order to supress feelings and achieve this or that. Neither picture is very pretty, and always there are seeds of conflict and futility.

    The option is for both heart and mind to accept the supremacy of a higher vision and purpose. On this basis there may be elegant and powerful forward movement and the development of further alighment with like-minded and like-hearted people. Your written offerings provide a wonderful ongoing opportunity in this regard.


  3. Ricardo B.

    So well put….an indispensable essay to deeply think about when you need to find your way in life, as well as when you have lost it. The thoughts and feelings we possess are so powerful that, when somber, they can easily engulf our attitude towards life if we have no other checkpoint. They can become us in a heartbeat – we’ve all experienced this, and yet at the same time they can fuel our most lofty aspirations in life when in concert with a worthy purpose.
    This matter of purpose is as great of a concept as I can possibly imagine. Dedication, heartfelt and disciplined, then keeps that purpose front and center in your sights. There are many competing interests that come on a daily basis, and without a consistent, conscious awareness of a greater purpose, distraction comes easy and the steam to propel you towards greater generative living gets lost. I can find so many useful applications in my life right now of this idea that I should probably stop writing!
    Anyhow, towards a greater, more focused simplicity in life in the hopes of a brighter future for all.


  4. Colin

    I think this is one of those things that you might not think to ever articulate, and the end result of that failure is a frustrating life. Once the thought that your mind and heart need to be working toward the same goal is articulated, the rubber can really meet the road on the way toward your life’s purpose. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and it holds true for each of us.
    I appreciate you laying out the steps towards the mind and heart’s unification. The path is clear, all we need to do is walk down it and not look back.


    1. Gregg Hake

      Many people don’t or they let others determine it for them. It’s not really something you cook up in your mind. It emerges naturally through you as you serve others.


  5. Coco

    Beautifully written! Thank you. A vivid understanding of purpose is a cherished gift in a life. The command of the facilities that assist in fullfilling that purpose is the individual responsibility. Feelings and thoughts can seem the enemy that attacks from within; using them only to express the higher nature takes maturity and practice. This is where taking a step back, holding your tongue or counting to ten can help in developing the maturity to control and properly utilize these resources of creation.


  6. Debbie T

    Thank you for these three great points that you have provided. I can see how the first and second must happen first or the third will never happen. There has to be the stability and resolve to a larger purpose in order for our thoughts and emotions to have a place to center on. This is good to remember during the days and weeks to come as invariably there will be challenges and situations that arise that will give us an opportunity to prove that resolve.


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