Expression and Refinement

Sheltered behind the wall of repression our kindest thoughts, our deepest feelings of appreciation, are worthless unless translated into word or act that make them real to hungry waiting ears, or eager watching eyes. Corked up in the silence of the unspoken, they do not exist. It is only expression that counts. All the light, heat, electricity and other forces of the sun would be useless if kept close-hid within its heart; it is only because they are expressed, because they are continuously radiated, because the earth is ever bathed royally in them, that the earth exists. It is not what the sun is, or what it has, that counts, but what it gives. It is not the feeling, the friendship, the love, the appreciation or the kindness we have, that counts, but only what we express, what we reveal, what we radiate. Then do we tear down a wall and make an open road to the hearts of others.” ~ William George Jordan

There is no point to playing Jedi mind tricks on yourself when considering your sense of self. It does not matter if you have an inflated sense of self or a self-esteem issue, because at the end of the day you cannot change the fact that you are what you express.

An old friend yesterday who told me that one of his central concerns in life is with constant refinement of who he is and what he provides in his service to others. We didn’t talk much about the point but I thought about it all afternoon. What a great way to live life! In so doing you can be assured that from the standpoint of your expression (and therefore the revelation of who you are), each day promises to be the worst day of the rest of your life.

Refinement is not a show, neither is it a pretense. Refinement is the process of purging those elements in your expression that stand in the way, cloud or distort the expression of the real you and it comes as you release your grip on those elements in your expression or your character that are no longer fitting or relevant. Refinement, in essence, is the means by which you reveal in the temporal who you are in the eternal.

8 thoughts on “Expression and Refinement

  1. Joshua

    It is abundantly clear that if we do not give that which we came to give to the world, then noone will! This would not only let us down but those who need what we should bring, would also be let down!
    How many precious one’s would be lost if the sun stopped giving.
    The same is true for each of us.
    Let your light so shine……..
    Your timing is impeccable as always, Thank-you!


  2. David R

    All the wonderful and powerful things in us remain just potential until they are allowed to flow through a receptive point into expression. We can’t just push creative expression out into the environment, nor can we impose it on others. Trying to “better oneself” is the most futile endeavor. But as we seek the effective areas of release, more concerned with the giving itself than with the expected results, there are always openings and always opportunities for expression and refinement is a certainty. Much enjoyed this post!


  3. Colin

    Your final description of refinement really gave me a new understanding of what constant refinement really means. Thee is no such thing as being finished with the refining process. You might be perfect for the current moment, where your temporal self is perfectly translating your eternal self, but if you decided that was perfection it wouldn’t remain that way for long. The temporal world is always changing, and if you are not changing gracefully with it, you are not refining properly.
    As to the jedi mind tricks, that is just lying to yourself. If your refinement is just a show, it will become apparent the first time any pressure is put on your facade. A truly refined person won’t lose it under pressure, because the only thing behind their refinement is more refinement.


  4. Ricardo B.

    That certainly changes things quickly – to continually refine your expression to the end that you keep discovering a more sublime you. This takes time and discipline and effort to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard, as all things that matter in life do. This is a sure way towards continual growth and its effect will always be one that uplifts the world around you, perhaps the point of it all!


  5. I. Kierney

    We are always expressing something, even if it is indifference. So, what are we waiting for. Each day we all have a chance to refine what’s in our hearts as we see it come out our thoughts and mouths. I love Jordan’s point about once we have allowed the fineness of what is on our hearts to be expressed, we can make a road for others to do the same should they choose to do so.


  6. Lady Leo

    Beautifully expresses-thank you. Refinement is a word with many connotations. In this useage I think of refinement as making purer. Who knows the results of this? It’s rather like alchemy.


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