The Heritage of Humanity

Let us face the great truth that the greatest success in the world is that of those brave souls who made a hard fight, on the battle-field of life, for character and—won. Character is the only real life, everything else is either getting ready for it or evading it. Let us regard money in its true light, give to it its just due and throw no shadow of cant over its possession.

If we are blessed with real wealth let us realize the greatness of our trusteeship in inspiring, heartening and helping others perhaps to do some great real work for the world that we could never perform ourselves. By making it possible for another to do it we are doing as valued service as though our own mind or hands added a new miracle of genius to the heritage of humanity. But we must know that trusteeship is not limited to money, but covers all we possess in any form. Let us realize in all fairness that money is mighty, but not—almighty.” ~ William George Jordan

I believe in the power of the individual – not so much because one person can in and of himself do much – but because each and every person has the potential to inspire those within his sphere of influence to do greater works than he himself could perform.

The secret of the power of the individual lies in the highly leveraged influence of his service to others.



7 thoughts on “The Heritage of Humanity

  1. Colin

    If you take any small group of people, you will most likely find a large variation in talents and capabilities. The person next to me might be a genius in a field that I have little aptitude in. Just think how this pans out when you have a large group of people. With the myriad ways we interconnect with each other in this modern age, the odds for a fortuitous pairing are much higher than they have been at any time in recorded history. The relative influence of the individual has gone up. It is interesting to think about what important figures in the past would do with the modern opportunities. I think, however, the really important question is whether or not each of us as individuals will be able to cut through the static that is the modern world and have the character to be able to influence the world in a way that matters.


  2. Vincent

    One who understands the genuine basis for wealth is always concerned to provide settings where others can thrive and work together effectively. This fact, combined with appreciation for it, is the basis for expanding prosperity at all levels.

    Presently our various political candidates in the U.S are being expected to pull prosperous rabbits out of a vague sort of hat, as though money caused to appear from somewhere would make us prosperous. But surely the beginning point is for at least a few to understand the basis of internal wealth. That will take form in some ways, no doubt, but the horse does need to lead the cart!


  3. Scarlett

    It’s not typically thought that power comes from service comes from service to others. In fact, it’s usually just the opposite, that power comes from controlling the most people. I like this way much better!


  4. Ricardo B.

    I can see that this is the means by which a good force, a good intention, a blessing if you will, is extended into the world. You have an inspiring thought? You see the world and you feel that it can be better? You wish for a real change to manifest? Herein lies the answer you well put. Serve your fellow man, use your resources to the primary effect that mankind in some way is directly assisted. Temper your own wants and see that they not interfere with this directive. After all, our lives really are, in truth, given towards trusteeship. How can it be any other way if you really think about it?
    In this manner, the wealth that is abundant in the world can be released freely and all may benefit in good measure. Something to seriously think about concerning every decision you make; I’ve noticed that this is a critical point that helps me to resolve conflict.


  5. Coco

    We are created to inspire those around us through the living of our lives. Also to remain humble and open hearted so we too can be forever inspired to higher levels. I think living through our higher nature is limitless. Your work with Mr. Jordan’s is a fine example of how this works…like ripples in a pond or sound waves in the atmosphere.


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