What money can buy

While money can buy neither mind nor heart nor soul; it can inspire, it can furnish new opportunities; it can hearten the sorrowing; it can strengthen the weak; it can give new starts in life to those fallen by the wayside; it can give new impulses, new glad hours of fresh hope and the sunrise of new purpose to the struggling, the sad and the suffering.” ~ William George Jordan

The opportunity for prosperity and success is central to the American ethos. Money, a symbol of the American dream, serves as a tool to leverage that opportunity. When the symbol is confused for the thing itself, however, the pursuit of happiness becomes a treadmill upon which lives are wasted, hopes are dashed and suffering is prolonged.

The world is waking up to the freeing potential of money. Markets and countries that were long resistant or perhaps held hostage by the almighty dollar and the capitalistic framework in which it flows are beginning to experience its liberating and empowering qualities. Barriers to personal freedom tend to fall as personal incomes are allowed to rise. If you doubt this relationship, take a moment to find out about the lives of the “untouchables” in India.

The world is changing at a remarkable pace.

7 thoughts on “What money can buy

  1. Ricardo B.

    Indeed. A resource that opens up vistas of the full possibilities resident within human beings, for better or for worse depending on how it’s used. Makes me ever more respectful of the way I handle this form of currency.


  2. Colin

    I certainly would rather have plenty of money than not have enough. Many of the problems with money arise when it is used to insulate rather than to expand. The person who uses their money as an extension of their ability to make the world a better place at least is working in the right direction. I have found as well that money is an amplifier. Both the things that you are getting right, as well as the faults, are magnified.


  3. Beth C.

    I agree. It is encouraging to see the openings for some who have been arbitrarily and cruelly held in poverty and virtual slavery. To me, one of the most important things that money can buy is the means to really help others. This is one of the great pleasures of prosperity.


  4. David R

    Every unit of currency spent is an investment, driven by whatever motivates us. There are many ways these steady investments can bring enhancement and blessing, expansiveness of opportunity for others. This is what allows for multiplication of value. On the other hand, if motivation is selfish and grasping, we see the appearance of financial black holes that drain not just outer resources but also the higher values such as self-respect, hopefulness and appropriate aspiration.

    For anyone wishing to make a genuine difference, and regardless of the amounts involved, this is a central area for creative meditation.


  5. Lady Leo

    You don’t have to look far back into the history of our own country to see a perfect example of this. It was only by1900 that every state had passed legislation modeled after New York’s Married Women’s Property Act (1848), granting married women some control over their property and earnings. Previously to that women ( and their children) were subject to abject poverty as they had very little opportunity to earn money and even if they did manage to inherit or earn it, a married woman had no rights to control it. Gaining this right to earn and control money changed the prospects of this entire country,more opportunity means more general prosperity for everyone. Great point today, thanks.


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