Your Current of Inspiration

Consider these two statements this morning:

  1. You cannot give what you do not have.
  2. You tend to inspire in others that which you have within you.

If there is not peace and tranquility in your heart and mind, it is highly unlikely that you will bring succor to those within your field of responsibility. You may think that you can fake it, but people are not as stupid as you are being in assuming them to be. You will tend to inspire in others that which is yourself, be it good, bad or indifferent.

Take great care to discern which feelings deserve residency in the chambers of your heart and which thoughts merit admission to the halls of your mind. Be selective. All, of course, are given the privilege of applying for entry, but you alone decide which shall stay and which shall go. This is the mechanism by which blessings are amplified and cursing is abridged in and beyond you.

Your current of inspiration is yours to direct. Many people influence the world more by their reactions to it than out of a well-reasoned genuine concern to uplift it. You needn’t be one of the overwhelming majority. Why not be one of the 1% in this case?

All that you have to lose is that which doesn’t sit well in you anyway.

10 thoughts on “Your Current of Inspiration

  1. Joshua

    Inspired! one last thing… leading by example, through making changes seamlessly without show of pain and discomfort. Proving to others it’s not only possible to change but easy,taking their hand (Happily) and helping not hindering their progress…”for our fulfillment depends on theirs!”

    There is nothing as unattractive as someone “Trying” to painfully do the right thing!


  2. Joshua

    It would seem paramount to generate within oneself a “Genuine” concern at depth to uplift the world around oneself; first, last and always.
    Render a true service to the world, not self-service seeking always to get something in return. But true service seeking always to give something in return.


  3. Thanks for the beautiful words this morning Gregg. What keeps popping out to me is that we are responsible for what we see around us in the attitudes of others, or at least that which we allow to affect us. Our attitude, what we give out, is like a magnet and will attract and pull tos back to u what is being put out. The really beautiful thing about this is that if we don’t like what we see surrounding or being attracted to us, all we have to do is to change ourselves. And isn’t that the only thing that we have control over and can change anyway!


    1. Joshua

      I agree with Chuck: “The only thing we can change is ourselves” and when we do others then have a choice, they can come closer, through inspiration, or be repelled. We cannot choose for them, only live the example and hope they choose wisely, seeing the joy that the change has brought us, whatever it might be.


  4. Vincent

    There are plenty of petty and destructive forces acting and reacting in the world that don’t need any confirmation from me. On the other hand, there are those delicate and perhaps tentative senses of honor and vitality that do need an answering resonanace. These dynamics are occurring all the time, although the implications are largely unrecognized. I know which side of this drama I want to be on!


  5. Ricardo B.

    As the years have gone by, I’ve realized more and more that it is crucial to direct your life’s energies into something constructive and larger than yourself. That part of each of our purpose is to find our connection to the greater whole and then to service that connection. There are as many ways as there are people to do that at least, and it’s up to us to recognize the opportunities to do so. The lasting happiness and fulfillment that comes is proof to me that this is right. Deep meaning in life comes from establishing deep connections to life, where your whole life is harmonized playing the same tune. If you are one person here and another there, your focus is dispersed and you will attract all sorts of things to your life.
    So why not refine your influence I say? Be one with your ultimate concern and see what comes of it. Be honest and true to what really matters and give that a chance to change and direct your life. There’s really nothing of importance to lose, agreed.


  6. Scarlett

    I love that last line! We really don’t have anything to lose by choosing to take the high road in our heart. In dog training, you are training all of the time, whether you realize it or not as they are always watching and learning what is ok to do from you. There is a correlation that people are always watching us too – what is it that we are going to be teaching others by our own words and actions!


  7. MMc

    We are like tuning forks with each other. That said we must be aware of not only what we are sounding but also what we resonate with. Good way to begin the day, thanks.


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