Joy in Living

This joy in living, this love of living, can never be assumed as a pose or put on from the outside as a mask. It comes from the very depths of our nature. It is a fine attitude toward life somehow transformed into the atmosphere of our living. It is surrender of self to the big things of life that spiritualize the commonplace and make it warm and glowing. It can no more be counterfeited than you could manufacture a sunbeam.” ~ William George Jordan

There is an inner, invisible you and an outer, visible you. Your body, mind and heart are the means by which the inner you is made visible to the world around you. It can be useful to think of your inner atmosphere and your outer atmosphere as being two parts of one thing. They are inextricably linked, forever influencing one another and both provide the means by which you express who you really are to the world.

The correct flow of this elegant system is from within outward. This mechanism is primarily designed as a tool for radiant influence of the unique configuration of life that is in you outward in relation to the world you live in.

Just as in meteorology, the pressure systems which regulate the flow are constantly at work within you and beyond you. Ideally, the pressure within you should be greater than the pressure outside of you. When this is the case, the flow moves from the inside out. You outpressure the pressure around you, not by force, but because of the immutable physics of living. It is on this basis that the finer elements of you begin to condition the atmosphere around you, regardless of the nature of the circumstances around you.

8 thoughts on “Joy in Living

  • I’ve always thought that some people were so extraordinary yet couldn’t put my finger on the “outward reasons”; they appeared usual enough but there was this ” something ” that emanated from them. The “the immutable physics of living” should be an axiom that is as commonplace as “having a good day”. The very nature of our design allows for us to live splendid lives. Excellent post, thanks very much.

  • There are so many excuses that are used to explain why people’s inner selves are out of whack, and almost all of them are blaming circumstances for their problems. However, the only ones they should be blaming are themselves, as their internal pressure is not great enough to resist the bad circumstances that will almost inevitably happen to each of us. How do you increase this internal pressure? One of the first steps is to just have some self confidence. Realize that each of us has value, and that we are all worthy of being respected. But you have to respect yourself first. One of the best ways I have found to do this is to forgo making easy choices in life based on human nature, and instead focus on making right choices instead. The right choices often feel difficult to us when we are not used to making them, but as time goes on and our inner pressure increases, we realize that we are happy and the right choice becomes second nature.

  • Well described! Pressure is maintained not by struggle but by consistent orientation in the inner Source. What tends to compromise that is fear, a conviction of the supremacy of outside pressure. Where we become reactively subject to pressures around us we lose balance and orientation as our pressure fields are breeched and deflated. On this basis what we fear comes regularly upon us, which in turn can deepen the conviction of failure.

    As the weather in human hearts and around human function becomes more unstable and violent, the need for reliably high pressure zones in people becomes more crucial. The forces of integration and beauty need facilities, steady contact points through which they can move. This is the responsibility for those who will recognize and accept it.

  • Great post on the artfulness of handling pressure. It inspires me to take more notice and advantage of my opportunities.

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