Living in an Air Castle VII

The air-castle typifies any delusion or folly that makes man forsake real living for an idle, vague existence. Living in air-castles means that a man sees life in a wrong perspective. He permits his lower self to dominate his higher self; he who should tower as a mighty conqueror over the human weakness, sin and folly that threaten to destroy his better nature, binds upon his won wrists the manacles of habit that hold him a slave. He loses the crown of his kingship because he sells his royal birthright for temporary ease and comfort and the showy things of the world, sacrificing so much that is best in him for mere wealth success, position, or the plaudits of the world. He forsakes the throne of individuality for the air-castle of delusion.” ~ William George Jordan

Whether you see your royal birthright as the result of millions of years of evolution or divine decree, the fact of the matter is that you have an opportunity to have dominion over the world you center. Dominion is the by-product of the expression of your natural authority into the earth. Domination, on the other hand is a cheap imitation based in the notion that might makes right and sustained by the idea that forced compliance is superior to inspired agreement.

My company, The Spa on Green Street, sponsored a “Petpalooza” yesterday afternoon. The Humane Society brought a number of puppies for adoption and a local dog trainer set up an agility course to demonstrate their agility and manners programs. It is always fascinating to watch people interacting with puppies, as I’ve noticed that the way people work with puppies reveals very quickly what method they prefer to bring order out of chaos in their worlds: dominion or domination.

Those who elect to dominate their worlds typically emphasize visible force. Corrections are harsh, sharp and unforgiving and such people rule with an iron fist, as a dictator would in a repressive political regime. They govern the world around them from the throne of their lower self, preferring “push” techniques to “pull” strategies. Their subjection to their lower selves makes them mistrustful of their higher selves, and they fear if they let go of their white-knuckled grip they have on that which they control they will lose control. And they’re probably right based on the way they’ve built their kingdom.

Those who rise to the occasion and discover how to extend dominion take the opposite approach. They rule from the throne of their higher selves, and their control extends from within outward, and is usually invisible to the eye. They understand that forced compliance may appear to work in the short-term, but that it unravels the instant the aggressor turns his back on those who have submitted to his rule. Their empathy allows them to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of agreement and cooperation and their perfect patience affords them the perspective to know when to act and when to wait.

Dominion springs from love, while domination grows in the shadows wherever love has been withdrawn. Some dominate out of fear, others out of greed, but most dominate out of a laziness, a simple but devastating unwillingness to do the work required to refine their character and disposition to the point that nothing but the higher self is allowed expression.

The higher can and will permeate the lower if your let it. In many cases, simply letting go of the lower, more base elements in your expression is sufficient to turn the tide in your living. Stopping to do what you know you shouldn’t makes room in your heart and mind for the noble expression to come through. The kingdom governed by your higher self is at hand, immediately available to you should you choose to incline your heart to it.

Real living only happens when your higher self rules. The trouble with most people is that they know this, but they’re afraid to let go of the petty control struggles they’ve won over the years in an effort to claw their way out of the darkness and chaos that overshadow so much of the world around them. Just as a hot air balloon operator understands that he must throw out ballast to ascend, you too must be willing to let go of the baggage – with no strings attached – to rise up in your living.

So where is it best to start? Much of this release is done using forgiveness, of others and of yourself, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be dogged about obeying the compulsions which emanate from your higher self. Further, complaint, blame and martyrdom are utterly foreign to your higher self, so any shade of any one of those must be avoided like the plague.

If you’ve been subject to the petty tyrant who rules your lower self, have no fear. He has no real power and no natural authority. The only power he possesses has been stolen from your higher self. Stop bowing to his wishes, mindlessly following out his commands and believing his nonsense and you will be well on your way in the demolition of any air-castles you may have built for yourself over the years. There is no shame in this, in fact, this is the best way to take the legs out from under the patterns of shame that are keeping you from putting your royal birthright to use.

7 thoughts on “Living in an Air Castle VII

  1. Colin

    I think that this is one of the most important lessons anyone can learn during their lifetime, and the sooner learned, the better. Having a puppy is a great way to learn. Their lack of understanding requires a certain kind of patience that is required if you are going to let your higher self take control. They also are a great feedback mechanism; you learn quickly by their behavior what kind of control you establish, or if you establish no control at all. It is a microcosm of how your control emanates into the world at large. Thanks for taking the time once again to describe one of these fundamental life processes, there is no good excuse for not moving constantly onward and upward.


  2. David R

    Recent news has been filled with images of the apparent overthrow of tyranny. As repugnant as the idea of political and military tyranny may be, however, for every one tyrant with a great sphere of influence there are probably hundreds of thousands of little tyrants!

    The difference between dominion and domination is so profound. Dominion is the natural blessing of integrated control, springing from love as you indicated, and also from genuien strength. Domination gives evidence of weakness, selfishness, cruelty and desperation. Thank God for those who choose to learn the elements of dominion at every level!


  3. Ricardo B.

    I can see why in an effort to stabilize an unstable situation sometimes force is needed, but that’s a last resort strategy when all other appeals to reason and inspiration have been exhausted. I think what you’re saying differs from this, where many people use force as their modus operandi, their basic method of navigating through life to gain some sense of control in it.
    The thing is, there’s excessive tension involved and that’s exactly what there is too much of that is unnecessary in the world today. In people themselves and in the world at large.
    I vote for a kinder, nobler way of producing order. For this, there does need to be a clear line drawn in the sand that stands between our higher selves and our lower ones. It’s best to choose one and stick with it, to simply end the conflict inside whic pulls you every which way all the time. It’s even better to recognize the high road as the one true road to happiness.


  4. Coco

    Dominion starts with ourselves. Our higher self doesn’t have to wrest contol or try to dominate people, circumstances or people. Living from our higher selves exudes a mastery that naturally brings peace, attracting those that seek it and creates circumstances that allow it to flourish. That is the natural order. I find your thoughts compelling, thank you.


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