The Hungers of Life I

We human beings are marvelously constructed. We have bodies, minds and hearts at our disposal, all of which are animated by a uniquely configured inner source of life. These four components are combined in an infinite number of ways to create a spectacular and beautiful array of people, each one remarkably different from the other.

For an individual to be functioning optimally, his body, mind and heart must be healthy and in alignment with his inner essence, for as Plato put it: “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” Each of these parts hungers for something different and could be said to hold aspirations. These aspirations separate us from the animals and permits us, when nourished sufficiently and used properly, to have dominion over the worlds we center.

You are wise to realize in advance that a newborn aspiration foreshadows future discomfort. In fact, aspiration is the source of most of the discomfort in the world. Rightly held, aspiration is the longing for greater and more refined expression of blessing through the capacities of body, mind and heart, the net result of which is a powerful pressure for change. Wrongly used, aspiration drives men and women to climb upon the backs of others in the accomplishment of their goals, which creates an unnatural and often unrelieved tension between all involved. Either way, aspiration brings discomfort.

Think about any aspiration you’ve had up until now, no matter whether it was centered in body, mind or heart. The experience of something more, something greater was desired and you became instantly uncomfortable in your own shoes. You were agitated, the fire was stoked and you were ready for change. Many people keep their aspirations low because they are afraid of the discomfort that is sure to follow. The lower the aspiration, the less the discomfort, yet compromising in this way is a death before death.

You, as I mentioned above, are marvelously constructed. Use the equipment you have – your body, mind and heart – on a generative basis that is constantly refining  and seeking to accommodate a greater and greater expression of blessing, and life will be good, no matter what is happening round about. React to the expansion and you will find your heart and mind flooded with excuses and rationalizations as to why you couldn’t simply let it happen. “If only this were different” or “if only I had a different set of circumstances” soon becomes the mantra as the individual vainly attempts to barter with life itself, which sadly puts the individual at odds with the true nature of his inner self.

This is a critical phase. If you set up camp in the battlefield by wrestling with the excuses and rationalizations, you will experience inner turmoil that will eventually spill over in your living. Be thankful, however, for the turmoil is naught but a symptom of your body, mind or heart being at odds with the life that is in you. You have a warning light and it is good to know that you have a problem. If, however, you relinquish at this point any justification for not marching bravely forward – in body, mind or heart – and rise above the temporary discomfort caused by an aspiration that is transforming into new life expression, the excuses and rationalizations melt away just as quickly as they came into being.

You can and must be a better person from day to day. Your capacities of body, mind and heart thrive when challenged in this way. Keep moving, my friends, keep moving!

17 thoughts on “The Hungers of Life I

  1. Colin

    I find that many people think that a life of constant growth such as you describe would be immensely tiring. How far this is from the truth! A life of constant expansion and growth is actually the most balanced life. Some phases will be ones where you will be tired, surely, but others will be where you can rest in the fact that your aspirations have become realities.
    Have you ever had a day off where you determined to do nothing? I don’t know about you, but at the end of those days I am just as tired (if not more tired) than if I worked on something all day! We are meant to grow and to change, and if we don’t then we feel the pressure of life saying “You can’t always stay the same”. If you are not growing, you are decaying, just like all living matter.


    1. Gregg Hake

      When you endeavor to be a blessing you immediately tap into an energy source that allows you to be productive in ways you never thought possible. Growth is thrilling when viewed from the right perspective!


  2. Vincent

    Aspiration is a fact, in one way or another, for every living person, even if the aspiration is to have no aspirations! The vital thing, it would seem, is to allow for the purification of aspiriation. As things are, body, mind and heart each have their own peculiar aspirations, and the inner being of which you speak is almost an unknown quality. Within that presently unknown quality, however, is the potential centering point for all aspiration. It is that centering, and that centering alone, that has the power and potential to produce the alignment you mentioned.

    To allow one’s longing to intensify in relation to all that is of beauty, wisdom and radiance so that no lesser aspiration shall control, to love freely without measuring a result – here are keys to genuinely passionate living and the purification that is so desperately needed.


  3. T

    This post brings to mind a conversation with my youngest daughter. She is aspiring to be a great volleyball player like her sisters and has just begun volleyball camp. After the first day, she was sore and a little disillusioned, finding out that it takes hard work and practice to become a great player. She for the first time, was willing to be uncomfortable, continue moving forward and work towards aligning her vision with reality. This was a true sign of her maturing and I was so happy to support her as she moves forward. The most important lesson, is not that she become the best volleyball player ever, but that as this post points out, that she moves in alignment, body, mind and spirit with regard to any aspiration. That she might be willing to be uncomfortable, knowing it is a part of a creative process rather than damning herself and her aspirations. This process, if handled rightly, will “let” her individual greatness be revealed, even in the rubble of her failures. Who are we to judge the results of what comes through righteous action? What a wonderful gift for u’s to receive that we should every day impart to our children. Thanks!


  4. Coco

    Understanding our marvelous design sure helps to use it better. I do aspire to be a better person and it can be discomforting. The expansion can be challenging to my momentary contentment but I have found that there is a deep peace that floods my soul when I keep going through those times of maturing.
    This world is base and crude, going against that norm will naturally cause some turbulence. I guess the trick is not to get stopped by it, don’t become cowered by the pressure it takes to change.
    Thanks for your helpful thoughts.


    1. Gregg Hake

      There is much in the world at large that is not base and crude and the wonderful thing about taking the approach I am advocating here is that you begin to recognize those elements more and more as you go along. It’s like when you buy, say, a new red truck and all of the sudden you see how many other people drive red trucks. We tend to emphasize in observation that with which we are familiar and interested.


  5. Ricardo B.

    Yes, day by day we do have to become better people, greater people. Great is the one who feels remorse for a job not well done or not done well enough, for that dissatisfaction is part of the discomfort of aspiration, part of the hunger which exists because you know you have it in you to do better and to do more, and if so realized, to ‘accommodate a greater expression of blessing’. The hunger, if sustained, will force you to deal with your impediments honestly, sooner or later. You quench the hunger with a diet of empty excuses, well bye bye goes your potential for it is drowned in a sea of dishonesty.
    This is a tough one, for there have been many casualties sustained on the battlefield of progress. Your advice to heed the warning signs is invaluable, just like the engine lights in our motor vehicles. Let us quickly recognize the symptoms and move to safety, to the great blessing of ourselves and more importantly, to the worlds we each center – the many people places and things we distinctly influence.


  6. Emma

    Absolutely!! Moving forward is your only hope for greatness. Who is to tell us that the greatness of your experience is not in the little things we end up justifing away. In the end, the success in your life is that you lived it and lived it with the blessing of aspiration of your highest self. Nobody can tell you what that is or how it looks. Your right, keep moving!! P.S Don’t look back!


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