The Crown of Individuality VI

A clear cut sense of purpose is the key to effectiveness in living. Childhood is meant to be the time where purpose comes to light. Purpose, as I have mentioned before, is not something that another can give you. Others may serve as guides, pointing to your purpose in a general sense, but it is up to every individual ultimately to discover his own purpose.

The golden years of your life are now, despite the widespread belief that they are naught but a phase you go through late in life. Your life, every life, is meant to be an ongoing process of creative activity. Sure, you can dilly-dally, taking your sweet time to connect your life energies with your life purpose, but why? The sooner you line up the two, the more productive – truly productive – you will be during your stay here on earth.

Acting without purpose is frenzy. Failing to act when you know you should act is indignity. Make no mistake: you cannot wear your crown of individuality in truth if there is hesitancy in action or a refusal to do the right thing, at any cost. Consider this passage from William George Jordan:

He who, from sheer lack of purpose, drifts through life, letting the golden years of his highest hopes glide empty back into the perspective of his past while he fills his ears with the lorelei song of procrastination is working overtime in accumulating remorse to darken his future. He is idly permitting the crown of his individuality to remain an irritating symbol of what might be rather than a joyous emblem of what is. This man is reigning, for reign he must, but he is not—ruling.”

And one more…

Let us reign a king over our individuality by conquering every element of weakness within us that keeps us from our best and raising every element of strength to its highest power by living in simple harmony with our ideals. We should begin it today. Today is the only real day of life for us. Today is the tomb of yesterday, the cradle of tomorrow. All our past ends in today. All our future begins in today.

You can be a ruler, that is, have dominion over your fields of responsibility if you so choose. How, you may ask? We’ll discover an important first step tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “The Crown of Individuality VI

  1. Brigitte

    As it’s been said, there is no better time than the present! Thank you for this reminder of how important that we act on the opportunities that present themselves so that we don’t miss the chance to really live an amazing life.


  2. MMc

    Another day of onward and upward, you’ve kept your promise. I find myself eagerly anticipating the next installment. I’ve been reading William Jordan’s work and find your blog has become the best book club I’ve ever participated in. Your comments and those of your readers have created a perfect occasion to plumb the depths of his work and do some on myself. Thank you, this is great!


  3. Joshua

    The Truth of your words this morning and those of Sir William George Jordan, have penetrated my heart deeply and restored a sense of purpose in this day.
    Taking complete action in letting this realization become a revelation is my purpose today, that it may put me in position to recieve fully that which is to come tomorrow!
    The passion of my heart is ignited, Thank-you.


  4. David R

    Golden years are composed of golden days, and golden days of golden moments, moments where Love’s characcter is held supreme and every circumstaance is appreciated for the unique gateway it provides – a precious junction between past and future.

    Many have sought to motivate themselves by setting arbitrary goals of various sorts, but so few have known the purpose that vibrates at each individual’s very core. Each moment of deliberate alignment with Love’s purpose brings the golden glow of creative expression into the world, and that is a cumulative effect, not just for the individual but for an expansive world of connection and influence.


  5. Beth C.

    Opportunities emerge, ripen, and eventually pass away usually never to be repeated. The opportunities that come to me today are the doorways to the expanding fulfillment of my life’s purpose. Which of these can I afford to miss through procrastination or neglect and say let this doorway close forever? Not a single one.


  6. Ricardo B.

    I love the efficient ‘carpentry’ of these posts – the nail is squarely hit on its head yet again!
    My thoughts jump to the difference between pressure vs. force, in the context of rulership vs. dictatorship. An individual aligned with his/her intrinsic purpose, living to realizing that purpose, extends a pressure wave that naturally joins to others of similar ilk. These are ultimately all joined together in some matrix of Grand Purpose, and then all life on earth becomes a Family. Of course, things here need attention and care which is why our productivity and influence is absolutely required.
    One way that all this can get corrupted is when we fail to see our interrelatedness, and in a growing sense of the frustration of isolation, the more aggressive of us begin to exert force and try to dominate our peers. There is usually some kind of physical force used, to force submission to whatever we’ve imagined should be right and proper. This can come in the form of brutality, slander and bullying – different faces of the same thing.
    History has given record of the greatest influences that have stood the test of time to improve humanity, and they were done all without force. Their message was one of inspiration, and their lives indeed exerted a great pressure across the globe that still lives to this day.
    I think this is what the crown of individuality is all about. Fulfillment not frustration. Pressure not force. Rulership not dictatorship. Dominion not domination.
    Looking forward ’til tomorrow’s post!


  7. Christie S.

    You ended yesterday’s post with the question what do we have to lose? I said we had everything to gain and nothing to lose, but really there is so much to gladly lose! The accumulation of remorse that only serves to darken our future is something to gladly lose for sure. These posts really nail it!


  8. Colin

    The ugly specter of procrastination has finally been put to rest in today’s post. For those that have been reading this sequence, “The Crown of Individuality”, we have been reading for six days now. Six days full of different ways to begin finding (or continue down the path to achieving) your true, individual purpose.
    Today is the day to take your individuality to a new level. Today is the day to do everything you possibly can to begin living a life where you travel down the road to the discovery of (or the achievement of) your true purpose.
    Did you feel like you were behind when you read that purpose was meant to be discovered in childhood? Don’t worry about it, what’s past is past, and done.
    There is much you can do in adulthood to find your true purpose. If you are in doubt, just forget about yourself, begin helping people, and do what you feel is the right thing to do! That is the fast-track to purpose discovery. Everybody knows what it means to be a kind and decent person. Remember: to be yourself means to be the best that you can be, not the easy level that you would settle down to if you stopped trying to be your best.


  9. Coco

    To live in harmony with our ideals sounds like sage advice. I wonder how many people can articulate what their ideals are. I think most rely on their opinions but I see ideals as the guiding principals in our lives, they actually help shape our opinions and our ability to rule our thoughts & feelings.


  10. happytobehere

    Once you get into your 40’s you realize there are many years lived and still many to be lived. Living a life fraught with remorse is a curse we put on ourselves. Living well begins with realizing what our life’s purpose is and letting it provide the light for our actions. Looking forward to
    tomorrows post. Enjoy today!


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