It is my delight to announce that today’s entry was my 500th consecutive daily post. Thank you for your support! Your readership and comments warm my heart and I count the opportunity to share daily words of inspiration as one of my greatest privileges.

If you haven’t commented yet, don’t worry, the time will come when it feels right. When the time is right, don’t hesitate. Remember that what you receive in the way of pearls of wisdom from another are only made meaningful as you in turn invest them freely, yet wisely through the seeds you sow in the world around you.

I wish you a calm, peaceful evening – not so much as a result of the perfect configuration of circumstance – but because you radiate calmness and assurance through every thought, word and deed.

So it is that your inner wisdom is given outer expression, the invisible made visible.

So it is that you begin to know true and lasting happiness, fulfillment and peace.

So let it be.

14 thoughts on “500

  1. MMc

    You are certainly are setting a high standard with your content, I find it interesting and informative. My complements on your achievement.


  2. Joshua

    Your words conveyed this eve, bring great joy to my heart, as they do each morning.
    Your timeliness and accuracy is beyond words to describe!
    I trust your eve shall be like a “sea of glass mingled with fire”, thank-you for sharing that experience.
    You are greatly appreciated,
    Thank-you, my friend.


  3. Coco

    Congratulations!! Your blog with it’s consistently dynamic reasoning is an inspiration to me. I find myself looking forward in anticipation, each day, to see what subject you will introduce. Well done and many thanks.


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