Human Felicity

“Human felicity is produced not as much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen as by little advantages that occur every day.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

What little advantages came your way yesterday? Did you take time to enumerate them at the end of the day? Did you recognize them when they happened? If you develop the habit of noticing the little advantages as well as the large, you will be much more likely to enjoy happiness on a regular daily basis rather than by fits and starts.

For me, yesterday, the rain held off just long enough to finish repairing the gutters. While repairing the last gutter I discovered a downspout that had separated from the gutter. It was a quick fix that likely prevented further damage. Later in the day, I took time to clean my tack rather than ride my horse. In so doing I found a tear in my stirrup leathers that would have been less pleasant to discover while riding. Little advantages, I know, but they add up.

Rather than bemoan that which is not going your way as the day unfolds, look instead to concentrate your attention on the little advantages that come your way. They happen with greater frequency than you might imagine. Missing a little advantage is like your foot slipping from the bicycle pedal. It is uncomfortable, disruptive and unfortunate, so you are wise to give thanks and make full use of them when they come along.

Care and diligence bring luck.” ~ Thomas Fuller

7 thoughts on “Human Felicity

  1. Kai

    I like that – “What little advantages came your way…?” It’s a great way to start out the day, on the look out for advantages, and turning things you’d normally miss as one into one.


  2. Colin

    This is much more useful than saying “always look on the bright side” because it gives you tangible things to be thankful for. Tangible things are usually more easily seen than non tangibles when the chips are down, which is when this advise becomes the most useful. Thanks!


  3. Coco

    Benjamin Franklin is such a great example of someone that lived an uncommon life. I always enjoy his quotes. The evidence of his exceptional life is in the legacy of his pioneering brilliance with inventions,the courage of his character in the founding of our country and also in his daily thoughts and considerations. I’m so thankful he recorded so diligently. I also appreciate your blog for updating and reintroducing me to his gifts, so again, they are a bounty.
    Your blog is one of my daily little advantages!


  4. happytobehere

    I can think of a number of little advantages that occured yesterday…made me smile again to think of a couple. I chalked them up to good luck. Thanks for the new vantage point, I’ll look for today’s. Loved the quotes.


  5. Brad

    Just that experience one time – missed the pedal because my bike chain broke.
    A little routine maintenance could have prevented a few broken bones.
    Like how you’ve tied this in to everyday living, the little opportunities add up!


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