You’re Right!

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!” ~ Henry Ford

Why is it that when you are exhausted or on the verge of feeling defeated, that an motivating speech or a particularly radiant person can not only lift you out of the doldrums, but inspire you to overcome what previously stood in your way? One simple reason: the mind is a powerful thing!

You have likely heard the term psychosomatic, which derives from two Greek terms, psykhe and somatikos, and is defined as pertaining to or involving both the mind and body. The term is typically used in relation to sickness or disease in which the mind and body are involved, such as when mental stresses manifest as illness of the stomach, like acidity or ulcers. But the converse appears to be true, as well, where a new outlook, a positive change of mind or something similar has the effect of clearing up physical symptoms that don’t seem to respond to the typical course of treatment.

You may recall my earlier post on the burgeoning field of positive psychology. Your mind exerts a significant influence on the functioning of your body. A randomized trial performed at the University Hospital Basel and published in Neurology in September 2010 noted that quality of life, depression and fatigue improve after mindfulness training, demonstrating the restorative influence the mind can have on the body. This happens more often than you would think in the medical setting. In fact, I’ve read and witnessed first-hand that just having a plan of action can vastly improve patient outcomes, even when no other interventions are made.

You may recall Al Pacino’s inspiring speech in the movie Any Given Sunday in which he said “the inches are all around us…that make the difference between winning and losing, between living and dying…” The simple speech energized and transformed the football team in a few short minutes and galvanized them in relationship to the goal of winning the game at hand. A simple shift in mindset, ceteris paribus, can go a long way in helping you overcome the obstacles you face on the playing field, in the workplace and in life.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!” ~ Henry Ford

6 thoughts on “You’re Right!

  1. Joshua

    In light of this, it would also apply in “as we give so also shall we recieve”.
    As our concern centers in helping those around us to overcome, this puts us in position to recieve the same (some help in discerning those inches)
    A little word of Genuine encouragement goes along way!
    Thanks for shining the light once again!


  2. Lady Leo

    This is the best kept secret on our planet. You can find myriad books, organizations devoted to this assumption and courses to teach you how to use it. But to experience it you have to truly believe it and haveTOTAL faith in this principle.
    On this basis choose your friends wisely as they are the supporters of this or they become the little voices that would see you like most…unable to avail yourself of this magic aspect.
    Thanks Gregg, your support of the strength in people is very appreciated.


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