Shared Vision

Man is a gregarious creature. People will go to remarkable lengths to connect with others like themselves, who share interests, passions, beliefs and hopes. The internet, that magical tool of connectivity that compresses time and geography, can be used for generative purposes, as this video I’d like to share with you demonstrates.

Composer Eric Whitacre offered an inspiring talk at the recent TED2011 conference on the power of the internet and the very real nature of virtual community. Take a few minutes to enjoy the clip below…

Eric Whitacre: A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong

There are so many other examples of the creative uses of this remarkable technology. Virtual medical clinics helping people in areas that have little or no access to medical care. Communication tools for businesses with employees or clients that transform a geographic separation of thousands of miles into a face-to-face conversation. The point is that any resource can be used for good or ill. The resource isn’t good or bad, it is “neutral” in nature. How we use what we have tells the tale.

What the early kings would have done for such immediacy and reach!

6 thoughts on “Shared Vision

  1. Colin

    What struck me was that Mr. Whitacre really took care to use that initial idea that was given to him. He could have just ignored that initial girl making a video, but he really saw some potential with what she did. He also didn’t just see potential for her, but for anyone that wanted a shot. This is really inspiring and I hope I will have the same great attitude when opportunity knocks for me.


  2. strawberryfields

    OMG…that was fun!!!
    When creativity intersects with a gracious heart the result is magnificent and incomparable. When people connect with the intent of doing something altruistic it sets the stage for magic to occur.
    Thanks for this touching presentation


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