Vivifying Petrichor

On this sweet bank your head thrice sweet and dear
I lay, and spread your hair on either side,
And see the newborn woodflowers bashful-eyed
Look through the golden tresses here and there.
On these debateable borders of the year
Spring’s foot half falters; scarce she yet may know
The leafless blackthorn-blossom from the snow;
And through her bowers the wind’s way still is clear.
But April’s sun strikes down the glades to-day;
So shut your eyes upturned, and feel my kiss
Creep, as the Spring now thrills through every spray,
Up your warm throat to your warm lips: for this
Is even the hour of Love’s sworn suitservice,
With whom cold hearts are counted castaway.

~ Sonnet XIV: Youth’s Spring by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

What in life do you love, truly love? Surely there is something, someone, somewhere. Love is expressed radiantly -outward to your world and upward to all that is above – and it intensifies all things. It sharpens the senses, lifts the heart and purifies all it touches.

Our beautiful world is filled with both the evidence of the presence of love and that which is worthy of a loving word, a loving touch or a loving glance. While much in the world falls short of love’s high standard, love and only love is powerful enough to overcome life’s deficiencies.

Dare to love. Dare to live. Dare to let your heart be at peace in a world gone mad. Waste not another moment bemoaning life’s shortcomings, instead, breathe new life into your world through original thought, word and deed as carefully crafted as a garment in the master tailor’s hand.

Be not counted among those with cold hearts who are cast away! Be yourself…and live!

O’ the spring! Her vivifying petrichor
Fills my bosom with gladness.
At peace am I, yet alive and well,
Loving, laughing, resting, feeling
Life’s eternal breath moving gently
Upon the waters of my tomorrows.

~ Gregg Hake


4 thoughts on “Vivifying Petrichor

  1. happytobehere

    I love your celebration for beautiful evocative April. Your verse at the end is as inspiring as this gorgeous spring day.
    Thanks for the beauty!!


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